The Flysch Trail

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Name: The Flysch Trail
Town: Deba, Zumaia
Registration: GR 121 E05
Distance: 13.5km
Start and end points: Deba or Zumaia
Description: This stage of the GR-121 runs between Deba and Zumaia, corresponding to the 4th stage of the great route that runs through the province of Gipuzkoa. It runs through a coastal area of high geological, biological and landscape value, declared a Protected Biotope and which is part of the Basque Coast Geopark.
Points of interest:
  1. Santa Katalina Hermitage
  2. Aitzuri point and its caves
  3. Andutz faultline
  4. Mendatagaina viewpoint
  5. Sakoneta tidal plain
  6. San Sebastian Hermitage in Elorriaga
  7. Algorri cove
  8. Itzurun beach