Festivals and traditions

Festivals and traditions

The festivals held in Debabarrena are linked to tradition. The lively atmosphere of its streets is intensified during the patron saint celebrations.

Bullfights and bull running, drumming festivals, rowing contests, rural sports and traditional dance shows are some of the folkloristic displays which will delight the visitor as much as the locals.

Further information about upcoming events will be available in our agenda shortly.

Traditional dances
Traditional dances

Local festivals


  • New Year's Market, first Saturday of January
  • Debarra eguna, third weekend of May
  • San Roke, 14-21 August


  • San Juan, 23-27 July
  • Arrate Eguna, 8th September
  • San Andres, 30th of November


  • San Anton, 17th January
  • San Bartolome, August 23-31
  • Gabon Zahar Feria, Last Saturday of the year


  • Santiago,  24-27 July
  • San Martin Feria, 11th of November


  • Andra Mari, 15th of August
  • Urriko jaiak, fourth weekend of October


  • Santiago, 25th of July
  • Santa Ana,  26th of July


  • Berdel Eguna, 4th of April
  • Magdalena, 21st-22nd of July
  • Kalbario, 14th to 16th of September


  • Santa Ana, 26th of July
  • Andra Mari, 15th of August