Explore the heart of the Basque Country

Hillwalking is one of the best ways to discover the secluded beauty of the Lower Deba. Another kind of tourism. Rural and cultural tourism. Olatz, Arrate, Kilimon, San Pedro, Itxaspe, Mendata, Sakoneta... by following these walks you will discover some of the most idyllic spots of Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country.

Twelve perfectly sign-posted walks lead through the prettiest places and best viewpoints of the different municipalities.

From the impressive cliffs on the coast to evergreen oak forests and secluded valleys, Debabarrena stands out as an area in which there are endless possibilities for hill walkers, as more than 100 kilometres of age-old paths and tracks have been recovered.

Magnificent caves and deep potholes, rivers, chapels, rare trees and important archaeological remains are some of the sights we can find on these walks. Thus hill walking without doubt gives the visitor a special insight into the past and present of Debabarrena.