Cliffs of Sakoneta

Cliffs of Sakoneta

PR-Gi 5001

PR-Gi 5001 Cliffs of Sakoneta

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Name: Cliffs of Sakoneta
Town: Deba
Registration: PR-Gi 5001
Distance: 5,2km
Start and end points: Itxaspe Camping - Errota Berri Restaurant
Description: This route takes us to the most hidden and spectacular parts of the biotope: the Sakoneta and Mendata areas. Going straight along the cliffs, this path will take the visitor to the lonely cliffs, the white stone walls, the rivers that flow into the waterfalls and one of the largest tidal plains in Europe.

Points of interest:

  1. Aitzuri caves
  2. Andutz fault
  3. Mendatagaina viewpoint and waterfall
  4. Portutxiki viewpoint
  5. Cliffs and tidal plain of Sakoneta