Olatz Geo-Route

PR-Gi 47 Olatz Geo-Route

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Name: Olatz Valley Geo-Route
Town: Mutriku
Registration: PR-Gi 47
Distance: 6.5 km.
Start and finish:  Olatz township
Points of interest: 
  1. Abeletxe oak
  2. Arrikruz headstone
  3. Jentiletxe caves
  4. Kobalde cave
This route crosses a very special geological area, known as “polje” (a kind of valley formed by the erosion of limestone), which is part of the UNESCO Geopark of the Basque Coast. One of the most characteristic elements of this area is its river, which disappears among the calcareous caves in the area. Along this route, which begins and ends in the hermitage of San Isidro, the walker will have the opportunity to observe the geological and ethnographic specificities of the area, (lime, caves, stelae and mythological ensembles) thanks to the information panels that are found along the entire route.