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The coast of Mutriku

The coastline of Mutriku stretches approximately 4 km and is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots on the Basque Coast. To the east, it shares a border with the municipality of Deba, from which it is separated by the river of the same name, and to the west lies Ondarroa, at which point can be found the well-known beach of Saturraran.

Practically half-way between the two borders lie the old town and port of Mutriku, dividing the coast into two areas. The coastline to the west can boast of the cliffs of Saturraran and the tidal area of the stretch known as the "Seven Beaches". That to the east of the port, between Alkolea headland and the mouth of the River Deba is known as Arbe Cove.

Beach of Saturraran, Mutriku.

The rocks of Saturraran, with their unmistakable outline, is one of the views that most often draws a click from the tourists camera. At the foot of the bare cliffs, abrupt and vertical because of the erosion of the sea, there is a series of small, secluded coves which have given rise to the name of this stretch of coastline: Seven Beaches.

Arbe Cove is the other coastal area of Mutriku of great scenic beauty. Famed for the abundance of fossils, this spot is a favourite for collectors of ammonites and belemnites. Likewise, the waters off the coast - especially near Alkolea - have always attracted anglers and skin divers, as well as scuba divers.

Sunset on the coast of Mutriku

View of the coast between Deba and Mutriku (Gipuzkoa).


Cliffs of Saturraran and "Seven Beaches":
Either from the beach of Saturraran itself (car park nearby) or from the beach of Mutriku, following the shore. The "Seven Beaches" can also be reached following the steep paths that lead down the seaward slopes of Galdonamendi.

Arbe Cove:
From the GI-638,between Deba and Mutriku, going down any of the steep paths that lead down to the shore.