The coast of Lower Deba is the perfect location for surfing. Santiago Beach in Deba and Alkolea Bay in Mutriku bear witness to this fact.


Deba Beach is home to one of the biggest waves on the Basque coast, a right hand wave known as the Sorgin-Zulo, which is extremely strong and can reach up to 5 metres.

It is one of the not to be missed locations in winter.  Its rocky and sandy bed makes it even more

Logoa Surfing
Logoa Surfing
dangerous. On days when there isn’t a strong sea, the peaks are along the entire beach and closer to the shore, which may offer good sessions depending on the depth. It has a local surf club.

  • Type of Wave: Point break / Right.
  • Tide: Average.
  • Wind: South – south-west- south-east
  • Swell: North-North-west. Above 4 metres.
  • Skill Required: Expert.
  • Services: It has a large car park, a promenade, showers, fountains, restaurants and accommodation nearby, a tourist office, surf shop, surf school and park area.


It has an intense left wave located between the towns of Mutriku and Deba, a quality point break in a beautiful rocky bay.  It excels for its critical take off, the strongest part of the wave. It is a wave that can be accessed from the top of the cliff and is visible from the road.  

  • Type of Wave: Point break / Left.
  • Tide: Media.
  • Wind: South – south-east.
  • Swell: North-North-west. Above 3 metres.
  • Skill Required: Intermediate / Expert
  • Services: It has a car park nearby and a newly developed picnic area.

Source of Information: Surfing Euskadi.

Further information on tide tables