Beautiful beaches where you can lose yourself.

Or find yourself.


SANTIAGO BEACH. Perfect for sunbathing and swimming.


LAPARI BEACH. Black Flysch. It is here that we find Deba's famous septarian nodules..

SAKONETA BEACH. A small cove in Deba, this jewel of the Basque Coast Geopark has been featured in the National Geographic photo album.

How to get there:

  • From the Camping Itxaspe,following the route signposted as "Sakoneta", or a little further ahead following the signs for "Mendata".
  • Following the N-634 route to the Errota-Berri farmhouse.
  • From Elorrixa hamlet, heading north following the footpath towards the coastline. 


SATURRARAN. The westernmost beach in the province of Gipuzkoa and one of the wildest and most beautiful. The beach has a discrete nudist zone located far from prying eyes.

SIETE PLAYAS (SEVEN BEACHES).  A series of rugged, wild, rocky coves with no services, but stunning natural beauty.

MUTRIKU BEACH. Small beach next to the port, located between two natural seawater pools.

ALKOLEA COVE. Pebble beach offering spectacular views of the coast. Perfect waves for experienced surfers.

ONDARBELTZ. Located near the Deba town centre, this beach has fine, black sand.

THE MUTRIKU NATURAL POOLS, Seawater pools with no waves, located right next to the port.

How to get there:

  • Saturraran cliffs and "Sieteplayas" area:Departing from Saturraran beach (there is a parking lot nearby), or from Mutriku beach, following the footpaths along the coastline. It is also possible to access the Seven Beaches following the many footpaths along the coast. 
  • Arbe cove:
    Taking the GI-638 route between Deba and Mutriku, then following any footpath towards the coastline.