Elorriaga Viewpoint

SL-Gi 5002 Elorriaga Viewpoint

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Name: Elorriaga Viewpoint
Town: Deba
Registration:  SL-Gi 5002
Distance: 2km
Start and end points: Elorriaga rest area

Description: This circular path runs through a protected area, and reaches one of the widest and most spectacular viewpoints on the entire coast: the Baratzazarrak viewpoint. There, the fields suddenly drop and at our feet cliffs over one hundred meters high open, offering an excellent panoramic view of the great tidal plain, the Aitzuri cove and the enormous cliffs of Pikote.

Points of interest: 

  1. Baratzazarrak lookout
  2. Flysch and cliffs
  3. Coral mountains
  4. Elorriaga rest area
  5. San Sebastian Hermitage