Talaia Deba - Saturraran

GR Gi 121 Talaia Deba - Saturraran

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  • Name: Talaia Deba - Saturraran
  • Town: Mutriku
  • Registration no: GR 121 E06
  • Distance: 9 km
  • Start and end points:  Deba or Saturraran
After crossing the old stone bridge, the path to Mutriku begins at its last bend. Ascending to the top of the hill is the watchtower that the sailors of the town used to look for the passage of whales. From there you can see the entire coast of Gipuzkoa, and on clear days even the French side of the Basque Country,

 and once there it is essential to visit the historic center of the town to learn about the history of its best-known sailors and their legends.

At this stage the road crosses the Seven Beaches from above, with unparalleled views over the sea. Along the way the visitor will find the Santa Elena and Galdona campsites. The stage ends at the beautiful Saturrarán beach and its unmistakable relief.

Points of interest

  1. Aritzeta tower
  2. Old public laundry at San Juan in Laranga
  3. San Nikolas rest area
  4. Idurre Hermitage
  5. San Nikolas Hermitage
  6. Santa Agata Hermitage
  7. Lime kiln of Urasandi
  8. Oakwood of Buztiñaga
  9. Old stone bridge of Deba

- Information: Mutriku Tourist Office - 943 60 33 78