Arms Industry Museum (Eibar)

Arms industry museum, Eibar
Arms industry museum, Eibar

Eibar is home to a museum dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of the industrial heritage of the entire region.

The Arms Industry Museum occupies a building that was formerly an arms factory located in the centre of the city. The exhibition has two parts: one devoted to gun-making, and the other to the history of industry in Eibar. This museum houses the collection of arms that used to belong to the Armoury School Museum and, at the same time, provides visitors with an insight into the evolution of the industry in Eibar, and thus that of the arms industry as a whole, from the 14th century to the present day. We can find a large range of products made in Eibar (bicycles, motorbikes, sewing machines...).

The arms collection provides the central theme, whilst the permanent exhibition gives visitors an insight into the evolution of the arms industry, from both a historical and technological perspective. The arms are displayed in different rooms according to their firing systems and are accompanied by information panels, background material and animated visual displays showing the assembly, loading and firing of the various types of arms.


Arms Industry Museum
Bista Eder,10 5º, Eibar