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EIBAR: weapons-making town armed with art, industry and sport.

Eibar, known as the arms city, stands out as the capital of the region, with a large concentration of population and diverse commerce.

Industrial Heritage

It is a city of well-known industrial tradition which has gradually undergone modernisation. The tertiary sector has now taken on an increasingly important role, offering quality services to the people and businesses in the area.

The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Arrate is an emblematic place for all the men and women of Eibar, as well as for the surrounding areas in general. Written records of this sanctuary date back to the 8th century.

The architectural heritage also includes the magnificent Church of San Andrés, the Tower House of Unzueta or "Markeskua", the Palace of Aldatze and the Town Hall itself.

Find our why is Eibar known as the arms-city, visiting the Arms Industry Museum.

The Arms Industry Museum, Eibar.

Art, sport, and much more

Eibar is remarkable for the ample cultural and sporting activities it hosts. The large number of quality exhibitions held in the Cultural Centre of "Portalea", the intense theatre activity of the Educational Complex and the possibilities offered by the facilities of "Unbe" sports complex, are just some examples of the varied activities that take place in Eibar.

Eibar is also well-known for being the birthplace of the famous artist Ignacio Zuloaga. Four of his beautiful paintings, a gift from the artist himself, can be seen in the Sanctuary of Arrate.

Likewise, the damascene workers and engravers of the city are artists who deserve special recognition. Their fine, intricate work is present in collections in different parts of the world. Nowadays, it is possible to buy their work from some shops, but they are still predominantly made to order.

SD Eibar, at La Liga.