How to get there

On foot

Public transportation reaches the three towns' centres Elgoibar, Soraluze and Bergarara). Bus timetables can be checked on the following websites: 

From Donostia and the rest of Gipuzkoa:

From Donostia, Gasteiz, and towns of Debabarrena:

The trail starts at each town by a signposted route. The starting points are the following:

  • Elgoibar: Local sports centre (Mintxeta).
  • Soraluze: Ezozia neighbourhood, near the football pitch.
  • Bergara: Aranerreka neighbourhood.

By car

It is possible to reach the trail's starting point at Karakate by car. A road departs from Soraluze town centre. To reach Soraluze:

  • From Donostia, route N-634 or motorway AP8. Elgoibar exit.
  • From Bilbo, route N-634 or motorway AP8-tik, Eibar exit.
  • From Gasteiz, motorway AP-1, Bergara exit.