Defektuzko Albistea

Oiz Mountain

Oizko Bista
Oizko Bista

Oiz (1026m.), popularly known as "The bay window of Bizkaia", is one of the most legendary peaks of the province. The summits of Oiz and Zengotitagane are part of a long ridge that acts as a watershed, sending rainfall to three different river basins: Ibaizabal, Artibai and Deba.

Oiz is, above all, scenery. Its privileged location and its height allow those who reach the crest or peak to survey an area that some sarcastically describe as "infinite".

Oiz has an outline that makes it easily distinguishable from a distance, and more so with the communication antennae standing on the rocky summit and the long row of wind turbine generators that line the crest.

Oizko Errotak
Oizko Errotak

Oiz still conserves woods of deciduous and indigenous trees, especially on the north, east and south-east slopes. The upper slopes, totally deforested, are pastures where flocks of sheep and horses peacefully graze.

The odd small holly tree and bushes like heather and gorse line the path, which is often eroded and shows the subsoil of sandstone. In Iturzuri, a spot where a cool, clear fountain can be found, the water washes the rocks out of the ground.

The crest of Oiz is one of the most emblematic places in the history of Bizkaia and the Basque Country. The dwellers of this area were herdsmen, the predominant way of life here in prehistoric times.

But if Oiz is famous for something, it is for the legendary title of "Monte bocinero" or "horn mountain" of Bizkaia. It is one of the hills of the province from which, long ago, the elders were summoned to the "Batzarrak" or Councils of Gernika. The summons was transmitted by bonfires and the sounding of horns.

Oiz is also myth and legend; for it was also here that Mari, "the Dame of Anboto", had her dwelling. According to legend, every seven years Mari moved from Anboto to Oiz, and the weather, good or bad, and the harvests, scarce or plentiful, would depend on where she was to be found.

How to get there:

  • From the town of Mallabia: take the road to Trabakua as far as the crossroads at the rural enclave of Osma. At this junction we have two alternatives:
  • Walk to the right some 100m, cross the road next to the farm of Aldasolo, and take the first track that leads up to Zengoititagane and Oiz.
  • Go left and cross the road, and then take the turn-off for Zengoitita. From there (next to the wash house), a track leads up to Zengotitagane and Oiz.