Defektuzko Albistea

Lastur Valley

At the heart of the Basque Coast Geopark

The valley of Lastur, located in the municipal area of Deba is a picturesque, abrupt valley of Karst origin, approximately three and a half kilometres in length.

The origin and formation of the valley of Lastur were caused by the erosion of the karstic ground, which brought about the proliferation of dolinas (circular depressions in the ground), pools, springs, caves and numerous fissures.

The stream of Lastur flows along part of the valley floor, before disappearing under the ground and leading through the subsoil of the valley to join the River Deba at Sasiola. It is possible to walk along this slope following the old water duct, which has been turned into a sign-posted walk - PR-GI44 (Deba-Lastur).

In the meadows at the bottom of the valley peacefully graze a fierce breed of cattle, the popular "larrabehixak" (betizuak), one of the oldest indigenous breeds of cattle in Europe, a direct descendant of the mythical Aurochs. Following tradition, local festivities in Lastur are celebrated with bullfights in which anyone can take part. For this, the square of the village is turned into a makeshift bullring.