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The range of Izarraitz

Agroturismo, Izarraitz, Gipuzkoa
Agroturismo, Izarraitz, Gipuzkoa

The mountain range of Izarraitz, proposed as a "Place of Communal Importance" (PCI) for inclusion in the Natural Network 2000, stands between the valleys of Deba and Urola. It stretches for 58 km2 covering an area divided among Deba and Mendaro, in the district of The Lower Deba, and Azkoitia, Azpeitia and Zestoa in that of Urola.

The geo-morphological characteristics of the area, its flora and the diversity of habitats have given rise to a wide range of fauna, which explains why Izarraitz is considered to be one of the richest areas on the Atlantic coast of the Basque Country. But Izarraitz is above all scenery, a landscape that never fails to captivate the numerous walkers who flock to the area.

Monte y playa en Debabarrena, Euskadi
Monte y playa en Debabarrena, Euskadi

View of Izarraitz, with the Cantabrian Sea in the background.

Of the many caves inhabited in prehistoric times, special mention must be made of Ekain, a treasure of Magdalen cave painting (dating back more than 14,000 years), located in the small valley of Sastarrain. It is regarded as one of the five best examples of such art in the world and of the 79 figures, the most prolific and beautiful are horses.


  • From Itziar : follow the GI-3210 between Itziar and the pass of Azkarate.
  • From Sasiola: take the road to Lastur
  • From the pass of Azkarate: follow the GI-3210 Azkarate-Itziar.
  • From Mendaro: along the valley of Aranerreka (Kilimon). Access only on foot
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