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Arranerreka - Kilimon

Turismo rural en Debabarrena, Euskadi

The valley of Aranerreka, also known as that of Kilimon, is to be found in the municipal area of Mendaro, and forms the south-western edge of the range of Izarraitz. It owes its name to the stream, Aranerreka, which flows downs the valley appearing and disappearing intermittently under the karst valley floor until it merges with the River Deba.

The valley of Aranerreka is regarded as a potholers paradise, given the numerous fissures and caves that can be found in the area. It is also one of the most interesting natural spots in the Basque Country, thanks not only to the beautiful scenery but also the enormous variety of flora, fauna and geology, not to mention the rich historical and ethnographical heritage it contains.

Borda en Mendaro

Though the scenery, flora and fauna of the valley may represent a natural haven, according to many it is paradoxically in what cannot be seen, in its entrails, that the greatest of its assets lies. The subsoil of the area is an authentic karstic labyrinth of fissures, caves, underground rivers and springs.


From Mendaro. Setting out from the area of Garagartza, follow the track that leads south towards the tower house of Lasalde and the water purifying plant.