Nautilus (Mutriku)

Nautilus (Mutriku)

Huge samples of dinosaur and amonites' period

The Nautilus Museum in Mutriku exhibits the extensive collection of samples taken from the coast ofMutriku, which offer an explanation to all of those incognitos throughout history, without having to get your feet wet.   The fossil materials on display in the museum have been collected by local resident, Jesús M. Narváez Amasorrain over 30 long years, during which he has succeeded in safeguarding the paleontological heritage of Mutriku.


Nautilus (Mutriku)
Nautilus (Mutriku)

The samples collected by Jesús Narváez date back to the Secondary Period, or in other words, the dinosaur and ammonite era. Some of the ammonites collected draw uncommon shapes and others are spectacular in size. In addition to this collection, the Nautilus Interpretation Centre presents some state of the art and attractive exhibitions in which the didactic material is displayed visually so that the visitor can easily perceive the cultural message that the Centre transmits.  

Proof of this is the entertaining 15-minute audiovisual presentation which details the step by step history of Mutriku from 120 million years ago. Furthermore, some large scale colourful murals illustrate the fauna and flora of the period.  

Finally, Nautilus offers the possibility of watching Mr. Narváez at work, as his workshop is open to the public in the same building.

Discover the museum’s secrets by listening to the Nautilus audio-guide.


Nautilus Mutrikuko Ikas-gune Geologikoa

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