Mufomi (Elgoibar)

The Museum of Fossils and Minerals of Elgoibar, Mufomi, is a showcase for the varied and rich paleontological heritage of Euskal Herria and an open window to the geological and archaeological landscape of our planet. It is one of the few of this type of content in Gipuzkoa, the fruit of the passion and selfless effort of its members. In 25 years since its creation, the public can tour the museum's different rooms that showcase fossils (both vertebrates and invertebrates), minerals and various archaeological elements arranged chronologically (from the Lower Paleolithic to Roman times) to disclose a particular way of understanding the evolution of the technique through its tools.
The museum's collection is made up of more than 3000 objects, including pieces such as the skull of a mammoth aboutn 125,000 years old, a crocodile skeleton, two bear skeletons, two Icthyosaur fossils, as well as fossils and minerals from our environment. nearby and from other parts of the world.
Although cultural work is essential, the museum focuses mainly on pedagogical, educational and informative work, aimed at children, young people and the general public. However, the visits of adults, associations and all those who feel restless and curious about everything that the bowels of our land hide are also important.

MUFOMI MUSEUM (The largest collection of fossils and Minerals in the Basque Country)
Museum of fossils and minerals
BºArtetxe s / n (Elgoibar)

+34 608 41 66 83
+34 943 741 131

Opening hours:

By appointment only

Weekdays: 18: 00-20: 00 h.
Weekends - Holidays: 11: 00-14: 00 h.