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MENDARO: Delicious local chocolate

A town of reduced dimensions if we look at the number of inhabitants; however, its magnificence can be appreciated in the beautiful scenery that surrounds the town. Several routes that start in Mendaro will delight mountaineers: Arno, Kanpazar, Urnobieta, Gaintxipixa, Otarre, etc.

The Kilimón valley, at one end of which the town of Mendaro lies, is a karst valley. There are a large number of caves in the area which make the valley a real paradise for those who enjoy potholing. There are also several sites of archaeological interest to be visited.

The river Kilimón, which gives the valley its name, and the Intxusai river, are beautiful tributaries. These are nice areas for walks, as there are wonderful waterfalls and rapids, such as those of Intxusai, and these are peaceful places for those who enjoy fishing.

The Chocolates Mendaro-Saint Gerons' workshop.