The Karst route

PR-Gi 46 Ruta del Karst

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Name: The Karst Route
Town: Deba
Registration: PR-Gi 46
Distance: 19.5km
Start and end points: Lastur
Description: This circular route goes through the heart of the Geopark and explores the mountains in the area, formed 110 million years ago in the Lower Cretaceous. Rainwater, over the years, has generated a large number of caves, as well as surface formations that carry water into the rocky massif: sinkholes, poljés and lapiaces. Also, from the heights of Otarre, Aitolagaina and Otzarreta we will enjoy wonderful panoramic views.
Points of interest:
  1. Karst interpretation centre
  2. San Nicolas Hermitage
  3. Plazaola old mill
  4. Leizaola Tower