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Indulge your palate all year round

»Txootx! Here's to our cider! The quintessential traditional Basque drink, cider, can also be tasted in Debabarrena (from January to May).

»Saint Blaise cakes, a medicinal treat made in Debabarrena. A sugar-glazed biscuit-like cake with a wonderful aniseed aroma. Traditionally made at the end of January and beginning of February.

»If you are here in April, don't miss Mackerel Day, in Mutriku, an unbeatable occasion to learn about different ways of cooking this delicious fish in a relaxed, festive atmosphere. 

»Talo, corn flatbread usually filled with chorizo (Lastur-Deba). Come and try this typical Basque street food. The Lastur "Talo" day, in April, is an experienced not to be missed.

»The Ermua Gastronomic Festival offers tasting sessions, talks, cooking workshops, cooking and bar snack competitions and a vibrant gastronomic fair. Held in mid-june. 

» Local cheese tasting session during the  Debabarrena Cheese Week held in Eibar in mid-october.

»Gaztainerre, in Eibar, Ermua, and Soraluze. Traditional celebration in which chestnuts and acorns play a key role. The second Monday of November.

»Come in november and try our exquisite set menus and bar snacks, washed down by selct local beverages, courtesy of Debabarrena Tripontziak. Interesting fact: tripontziak literally means 'pot-bellied men' in the Basque language.

»Delicious local chocolate (Mendaro). This magical mill-workshop is open to visitors all year round and is as close as it gets to time travel. Come and see for yourself how chocolate used to be (and still) is made.

»Local produce: The farmers of Debabarrena offer seasonal produce that can be used to create exquisite delicacies.

»Canned fish products: bonito, tuna belly, anchovies... the very best fish, canned using traditional methods at the Mutriku canning plant. Don't go without trying them!

The talo / Photo: Miguel Loitxate