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This is a dynamic municipality characterised by its youth, street life and cultural activity . The town's main attraction lies in its people, the vivacious activity of its social groups, the incessant cultural activity: painting, dance, music, photography, theatre, (...); and sports: mountaineering, pelota (both hand and bat), bowling, etc.

Ermuko bista panoramikoa

Two Palaces: that of the Marquis of Valdespina and that of Loviano are a source of pride for the people of Ermua. They appreciate the spectacular baroque facade of the former (nowadays the Town Hall) and the Renaissance beauty of the latter.

Ermua, Zubiaurre kalea

To bring this architectural treasure trail to a close, the overall harmony offered by the twin domes of the Palace of Valdespina and the parish church of Santiago Apóstol can be contemplated.