Defektuzko Albistea

Calvario (Mutriku)

PR-Gi 48 Calvario (Mutriku)

Portada de guía del recorrido PR Gi-48
Portada de guía del recorrido PR Gi-48

This walk starts out from the shrine of "Santo Cristo del Calvario", and leads past many farmhouses. The most interesting of these has to be Buztiñaga, an old medieval palace from which there are fantastic views of the meanders of the River Deba.

The route takes us through the watchtower of Mutriku, a vantage point formerly used as a lookout post, and is a place of significant historical interest given the close ties that bond the town with the sea, even today. Beside the path lie small vineyards whose grapes are used to make the local white wine "txakolí".