Lastur - Itziar

PR-Gi 44 Deba - Lastur - Itziar - Deba

The route Deba-Lastur-Itziar-Deba is also known as the "Lastur Canal", because from 1920 to the sixties this work of civil engineering supplied Deba with water. The course of the former canal through the idyllic valley of Lastur has been converted into a walk that is ideal for country lovers and those with an interest in the history of the Basque Country.

Due to the morphological characteristics of the landscape, there is a proliferation of caves along the route, such as the cave of Arbil, of great archaeological interest, and beautiful trees, like the Cantabrian oak.

The walk leads through the rural enclave of Lastur, which is worth a halt to see the Plazaola mills - former ironworks converted into flour mills, then the Sanctuary of Itziar or the chapel of Santa Catalina before finishing on the beach of Deba.

- Characteristics: Long walk.

- Length: 22 km.

- Start and finish: Deba

Resultado de imagen de pr gi 44
Resultado de imagen de pr gi 44