Bizkar Trail

GR 121 E07 Bizkar Trail

GR 121 E07 Bizkar Trail

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Name: Bizkar Trail
Town: Mutriku, Mendaro, Elgoibar, Eibar
Registration: GR-121 E07
Distance: 21.4km 
Start and end points: Mutriku - Eibar

Description: This route goes from Mutriku to the Aranzazu Sanctuary, crossing the border between Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, and links the Cantabrian Sea with the Aizkorri-Araz Natural Park. Along this route the Arno conservation area and the industrial areas of the Alto Deba intersect, with a long industrial history, where you can see the remains of old salt mines, the steel industry or blast furnaces.

Points of interest:

  1. Old Town of Mutriku
  2. Aritzeta Tower
  3. Calvario Hermitage
  4. Arnope Jai-alao
  5. Arno
  6. Amegi
  7. Amegigurutz
  8. Kalamua
  9. San Pedro
  10. Akondia Hermitage