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54 km from its source, the River Deba forms a pretty estuary where it flows into the sea. In season, it is a popular place for fishermen who catch baby eels. The river is currently navigable for small boats as far as Sasiola, though in the past vessels would sail upriver as far as Alzola.

On the left bank of the Estuary are the beaches of Deba. The beach of Deba and that of Lapari are surrounded by beautiful hillsides and are among the most picturesque of the whole of the Basque Coast. These beaches were awarded the ISO 14.001 for environmental management in 2003 and this system is still in place.

Beach of Sakoneta, in Itxaspe, Deba

From the enclave Itxaspe, Mendata Point, we can enjoy one of the most beautiful and spectacular views of the coastline, and observe the formations of strata in layers of limestone and loam, formed millions of years ago, known as abrasion platform or flysch. In this area are the Beach of Mendata, with siliceous sands and the Beach of Sakoneta, of limestone pebbles and gravel. Each rivals the other in beauty.

Beaches of Deba

Crossing over to the left bank of the Deba estuary, now in the realms of Mutriku we can find theBeach of Ondarbeltz, very quiet and surrounded by hillside and rocks. Carrying on towards Mutriku we come across beautiful cliffs, at the bottom of which are shores frequented by surfers.

Next to the picturesque Port of Mutriku is the Beach of Mutriku, of sand and rocks, separated from that of Saturraran by the so-called Seven Beaches, an ideal stretch for diving and underwater fishing.

At low tide it is possible to walk along the rocks not without a certain degree of care - from Mutriku to Saturraran, and thus explore the small coves before reaching the sandy beach of Saturraran, surrounded by beautiful rocks and one of the most emblematic outlines of the Basque Coast.

Beach of Saturraran, Mutriku./ J.Unamuno.