Defektuzko Albistea


This is the art of manufacturing objects from baked clay; from coarse objects like bricks, to fine porcelain items. In our area, it is an art with many devotees who find it a good way to take advantage of their free time.

We have diverse ceramics schools in the Lower Deba to provide training. In Ermua, in the Gure Etxea building, the Municipal Ceramics School can be found, equipped with furnaces and potter's wheels appropriate for the activity. Eibar also has a Municipal Ceramics School, located in the Portalea social-cultural building. Elgoibar has the LURKI ceramics workshop, there is a Municipal Arts School in Mutriku and the Artisan Education Centre is in the coastal town of Deba.

In the professional sphere, there are several artists devoted to the moulding of clay.