Defektuzko Albistea

Leather Clogs

Within the range of products made from leather, footwear is to be found. This covering, protection and defence of the human foot, especially the sole, against inclement weather and features of the terrain, originated in the most remote antiquity.

One of these types of primitive footwear is that known as the "clog" which was already in use in Roman times in wide stretches of Europe. It is a basic garment of untreated leather that covers the sole of the foot and the toes as far as the instep. It has a border through which a large cord of plaited Basque sheep's wool is threaded. This cord is then held by wrapping it several times around the leg just above the ankle.

Nowadays, this footwear has been relegated to folklore activities, given that since the beginning of the century it has been replaced by rubber clogs which are still used in the rural world for working in the fields.

There are still some artisans in our area who devote themselves to making this footwear by hand.