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A trace of the past

En Debabarrena, progress of time and development have not eradicated its rich age-old heritage. The prehistoric caves of Ekain in Deba represent one of the pictorial relics of world wide interest.

Caves of Ekain, in Deba.

The artistic-religious heritage offers, amongst other, the monumental temples of Sta. María in Deba (National Monument and a showpiece of Basque Gothic art) or San Andrés in Eibar as well as the Sanctuary of the Mariano congregation of Itziar, Arrate or Ezozia.

National Monument and a showpiece of Basque Gothic art.

Architectural important elements in Debabarrena.

From de civil heritage, the historical centre of the fishing village Mutriku is well worth mentioning with beautiful baroque palaces, and numerous tower houses spread around the villages and hamlets of this region.

The Old Quarter of Mutriku

Despite their simplicity, rural architecture is the best summary of the past and lifestyle of our villages with old farmhouses with their coat of arms, centenary mills and simple limeklins. There are today truly ethnographic jewels.