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Civil Heritage

The civil heritage of the area is abundant. Below is a selection of the most emblematic places of interest. Starting off in Deba one must mention the "Casa de Agirre" or "Palacio de Valmar", from the 15th century and renowned for the main hall, also known as the hall of mirrors.

In Mendaro time should be found to visit the quarter of Azpilgoeta and its tower houses, and in particular the tower house of Ospaz. Moving on to Elgoibar, we find the tower house of the Alzola, which appears in chronicles as far back as the 14th century. It was fortified in 1822 and currently houses a Cultural centre.

The town hall of Soraluze is a typical example of Barroque architecture, while Eibar offers the sights of Unzueta and Isasi "Markeskua" tower houses and the town hall.

A tour of Ermua would include the Palace of Valdespina, which currently houses the town council, and the Lobiano Palace, built in the 16th century and one of the best examples of Renaissance residencial architecture in Vizcaya.

Moving on to Mallabia we find the Palace of Amezaga, a mid-18th century construction with barroque influence.