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Restaurants in Eibar

Artola Restaurante

A la carte

Closed: No .
Address:Unzaga 7 20600 Eibar Telf:943206348

Restaurant Hotel Arrate

Menu, Carte

Adress:Egogain 5 20600 Eibar Telf:943207242

Azitain Asador

Grilled lamb "Burduntzi"(to order)

Clossed:Except with reservation, Sundays and holidays.August.Easter..
Address: Azitain bide nº6 20600 Eibar. Telf.943121854

Birgiñape Restaurante

Set Menú

Closed: No.
Address:T. Etxeberria 16 Eibar 20600 Telf: 943821341

Chalcha Restaurante

Set Menú

Closed:Sunday night & Monday. August
Address: Isasi 7 20600 Eibar Telf: 943201126

Eskarne Restaurante

Special Set Menú

Closed:From monday to thrusday night.August.
Address: Arraneta zº4 20600 Eibar Telf:943121650

Etxola Restaurante


Closed: Sunday.August
Address: Txirio kalea 2 20600 Eibar Telf:943207019

Gurbil Restaurante


Address: Isasi 1 20600 Eibar Telf:943201152

Ixua Restaurante

Grilled lamb "burduntzi"

AddressBarrio Mandiola 8 Eibar 20600 Telf:943701292

Kantabria Restaurante

Seasonal fish dishes

Closed:Tuesday.March(call first).
Address:Arrate nº4 20600 Eibar Telf:943127334
Weddings, Christenings, communions, celebrations...

Krabelin Restaurante

Seasoanl dishes.

Closed:From february 15th to 9 March.
Address:Arrate auzoa,403 postakutxa 20600 Telf:943202727.
Wifi free.

La Jara Restaurante

Grilled lamb and suckling pig

Address:Saratsuegi 5 Eibar 20600 Telf:943254360

Matarife Restaurante

Set Menu

Closed:Sunday and holidays.August.
Address:Otaola hiribidea 14 20600 Eibar Telf:943700055

Orbe Restaurante

Set Menú

Address:Poligono azitain 7 bis 20600 Eibar Telf:943201261

Tximeleta Restaurante

Italian cousine

Closed:Sunday night and monday.
Address:San Juan nº11 bajo 20600 Eibar Telf:943200925