SORALUZE: traces of dolmens

The town of Soraluze (Placencia de las Armas in Spanish) is surrounded by the characteristic mountains of our area. There are wonderful strolls to be enjoyed that connect a large number of farmhouses and chapels of authentic rural character. A delight for nature lovers.

The Dolmen Trail: a wonderful vantage point to the coast

The Dolmen Trail is a 20 kilometre trail that passes through Elgoibar and Soraluze. Standing among dolmens and burial mounds, look out over the Bay of Biscay coast from this magnificent natural vantage point. The Karakate-Agirreburu mountain range makes up the trail, which joins the towns of Soraluze, Elgoibar, and Bergara.

The Dolmen Trail
The Dolmen Trail

This trail allows the visitor to discover the heritage of our ancestors, via the dolmens and tumulus that make up the Plazentzia-Elosua megalithic station, and which are scattered along the summits of Karakate, Irukurutzeta, and Agirreburu, and from where it is possible to enjoy magnificent views over the coastline and the surrounding valleys.

 The urban area contains noteworthy pieces of architectural heritage: The Church of Santa María la Real with its beautiful portico, which combines Renaissance and baroque motifs, and the fascinating Houses of Arregigaraikua, Ormaetxea, Solagüen, Jauregi, Mendikute or Torrea House, and the outstanding baroque style Town Hall.

Soraluze was the first town in the Crown of Castille where mass production of firearms was started. In 1573, King Philip II established the Royal Arms Factory of Placencia, which evolved until its closure in 1865. Its successor was the Euskalduna rifle factory, which changed ownership at the turn of the 20th century to become in 1935 the Sociedad Anónima Placencia de las Armas (Placencia de las Armas Anonymous Society).