Defektuzko Albistea


July is synonymous to fiesta in Ermua. It is then that the festivities of San Pelayo and Santiago are celebrated, as well as being a period of intense activity for the rural sports enthusiasts in the area. Mutriku, Soraluze and Mendaro celebrate the fiestas of Magdalena (Mutriku) and Santa Ana (the latter two). In the last week of July the renowned Elgoibar International Folklore Festival takes place.

In the first weekend of August, Itziar celebrates its fiestas, "Kopraixak", after which Deba takes over with San Roques, famous for its bull running. This coastal town also holds a well-known Music Festival and mid-month there is a Crafts Fair.

Around the 15th, Mallabia and Soraluze celebrate Andramaris. In Mallabia there are well-attended stone lifting competitions and ox trials as well as professional pelota matches. San Bartolomés is celebrated in Elgoibar on around the 24th of August, where "sokamuturra" (the crowd try to restrain a bull with a rope round its head) and pelota matches are very popular.

September is for the rural enclaves. Arrate honours its virgin on the 8th, with an exciting festive programme including rural sport, Basque dancing, and a "bertso afari". Lastur celebrates San Nicolás on the 10th and in the middle of the month, Mutriku holds the Kalbaixok with the famous downhill cart race from the Calvario.

In Elgoibar in the neighbourhood of San Miguel, during the fiestas there are ox trials, which involve oxen pulling huge stones.