Defektuzko Albistea


With the advent of spring , numerous activities take place in the area, both sporting and cultural; story-telling and painting contests are held in several towns.

As for sporting fixtures, there is a great deal of activity in The Lower Deba, such as the beach football competition in Deba, car racing and the Bolunburu Memorial Cross-country, both in Arrate. Championships in the disciplines of pelota, "pala" with a wooden bat, five-a-side football, etc take place in several towns.

In May, farmers honour their patron saint, San Isidro. The celebrations in Arrate must be highlighted, though festive events are also organised in Olatz (Mutriku). The third Sunday of May is the day of the "debarra", which is a must for all the youngsters of the area. May also witnesses the Basque Festival in Eibar, though this event is held in all the towns. Elgoibar and Mendaro celebrate "Trinidades" at the end of the month, which is when the inhabitants of Elgoibar have the chance to take part in the parade.

In June the most important sporting events are the Euskal Bizikleta cycling race and the rowing regattas on the coast. The 24th of June is the day of San Juan, the fiesta for the inhabitants of Eibar. One of the most important events on the festive programme is the professional Hand Pelota championship in the Pelota Court of Astelehena, a discipline that can be seen practically throughout the whole year. In the fiestas of San Pedro, Elgoibar, there is a skittles competition.