Defektuzko Albistea


Put yourself in our shoes, all year round. Be Basque.

»Agricultural and livestock fairs. All our towns organise fairs in which farmers display and sell their very best locally-sourced, eco-friendly products.

»Euskal Jaiak (Basque Festivals) in Debabarrena. An entire culture has grown up around the Basque language. Imbued with tradition and folklore, this culture is seen to its best advantage during the Basque Festivals (Ermua, April; Eibar, May; Mendaro, June; Mutriku, June; Soraluze, June; Elgoibar, December (Gabon Zahar); Deba, September; Mallabia, October).

»Sokamuturra and bull running in Deba. During the celebrations and festivals traditional bull runnings is held in the town along with an event knowns as the 'sokamuturra' (a Basque word refering to a bull tied up with a long rope), which is traditional also in Mutriku, Soraluze and Elgoibar. 

»Herri Kirolak o Basque rural sports, is the term used to describe a series of traditional sporting challenges that are typical in rural regions of the Basque Country.

»Procession Day in Soraluze. A festival full of typical Basque songs and dances. Held at the beginning of June.

Errosarioko Ezpatadantza, Elgoibar.