Defektuzko Albistea


Flysch & Karst

The Flysch cliffs of the Geopark reveal over 60 million years of the planet's history. The journey then continues inland, winding through a luscious labyrinth of green valleys and mountains.

»Black Flysch. Travel back 110 million years in time to discover some of nature's most capricious creations.

»Visit the Karst Information Centre, in Lastur; the Geopark Corner, in Deba; or the Nautilus Geological Visitor's Centre in Mutriku.

»The different flavours of karst: a walk around the heart of Geopark. Take a stroll through the hidden Olatz Valeey in Mutriku, see cheese being made and enjoy a small tasting session, accompanied by a glass of our highly-prized local wine: txakoli.

»There are a number of guided tours available, either on foot or by boat. + info

M.Subirats (National Geographic)