Jul 16, 2019
Summer has arrived in Debabarrena, and high temperatures with it. But no need to worry, as our region has plenty of places to cool off. Read all about them in this article.

Summer has arrived in Debabarrena, and with it many days of sun and high temperatures. If you have chosen our region as a destination for your holidays, or are simply taking a day trip, there are many options for you to cool off when the temperatures rise.

The best known beach in Debabarrena is, without a doubt, the one in Deba. As a matter of fact, it consists of two beaches, and together they attract thousands of visitors every year. The main one, located along the promenade across from the town centre, is the Santiago beach. Paying parking is available on the spot, as well as public bathrooms, changing rooms, lifeguard service, two bars, and several stands where cold drinks and snacks can be purchased. To the east, along the rocks of the black flysch that begin to surface, Lapari beach appears. It is a small beach that disappears on high tide, huddled against the cliffside. However it also attracts plenty of surfers. It was here where the famous “septarias” of Deba were found.

Mutriku does not fall behind as far as beaches and swimming areas are concerned. On the very border with Deba, on the other side of the estuary of the Deba river, we find Ondarbeltz beach (black sand in Basque). Its name is evident in the dark colored sand, and it is a small beach, almost a cove, which still has all the facilities, such as paid parking, a bar, and public bathrooms. Near the Mutriku town centre we can find the harbor beach, located next to the breakwater. Plenty of parking spots are available here, and it is only a few steps away from a bar located on the clifftop. And on the far end of Mutriku, on the border with Ondarroa and the province of Bizkaia, you will find Saturraran beach. The wildest of the three, Saturraran leans on the other end of the black flysch, and adjacent to the main beach, discretely tucked away behind rocks, there is a small nudist cove. It has paid parking, public bathrooms, and a bar where snacks, cold drinks, and meals can be purchased to enjoy on site.

But undoubtedly the most unique bathing area of Mutriku are the seawater pools, built in the same port. It consists of two rectangular structures, integrated in the dike itself. These two pools are Olympic-sized, and are filled twice a day, with the rising of the tide; a wall prevents emptying during low tide. They are, therefore, a perfect place for people who want to practice swimming, as well as bathers in general. They have paid parking, lifeguards, showers and changing rooms, and even a small bar nearby, and are a very popular bathing spot among the locals.

In addition, the coast of Debabarrena offers extensive opportunities for water sports. It is riddled with great spots for advanced surfers: the Seven Beaches, a set of small coves that begin in Saturraran; or the cove of Alkolea, between Mutriku and Deba, are first class enclaves. In Deba, the beach itself offers waves for surfers of all levels. Here, the wave of Sorginetxe can be found, a right wave suitable only for experimented surfers, and one of the most spectacular in the Basque Coast. Not to mention the hidden coves of Mendata, Sakoneta, or Itxaspe. And if you do not know how to surf, but would like to learn, the Yako Surf school in Deba offers courses, as well as surf and SUP board rentals.

As you can see, in Debabarrena there are many options to take a dip. All the beaches mentioned can be accessed by public transport. And if the weather is not good enough to go for a swim, there are still many wonders for you to explore, both within the UNESCO Geopark of the Basque Coast, and the inland areas of our region. What are you waiting for?