Defektuzko Albistea


Bilbao a thrilling change that commands this period of awesome creation and activity. This movement has changed Bilbao´s face and spirit, and it has found its symbol in the Guggenheim Museum. The museum means a change in the city, but it actually depicts only a small part of a wide transformation of the new city: the subway, the Euskalduna Concert Hall, Abando Ibarra...

And, above all, it works as a symbol that rediscovers old institutions and resources that seemed a bit forgotten: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Old Quarter, the Arriaga Theatre; its commercial trade, its cuisine...


The city offers a brilliant choice for the art lovers with different museums. A prestigious, experienced opera season meets with the performances by the Bilbao and Euskadi Symphonic Orchestras. Theatre finds its home in the different stages all around the city. A rich choice of small clubs will allow us to come upon every musical style and different alternative shows.

When we talk about great cuisine, Bilbao becomes an unavoidable date. Basque gastronomy has some of its temples here, but the poteo (a small glass of wine here and there with delicious pintxos or tapas) will get us close to one of the city's biggest charms: its people and its manners.

For those who love going shopping, Bilbao offers a wide range of personal, distinct quality shops. And, above all, Bilbao surprises everyone with its bridges, viewpoints, buildings, squares and gardens that will fascinate any newcomer who comes to spend a few days in the capital of Bizkaia.