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This web site is managed by Debegesa, the Development Agency of the Lower Deba . Debegesa was founded in 1985, with the aim of encouraging the sustainable development of the area, taking specific measures to answer the needs of the region.

Debegesa came into being thanks to the interest of the 8 town councils of the Lower Deba (Debabarrena), and offers its services to the councils themselves, the inhabitants of the area and companies that require professional collaboration in various fields (promotion of business activities, business strategy, legal services...), and the Agency is also responsible for promoting the area and its resources as a tourist destination.


Contact address

Azitaingo Industrialdea 3 Bis
20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa)
Tfno.: +34 943 820 110
FAX: +34 943 200 350 

Debegesa, the Development Agency of the Lower Deba



The aim of the Tourism Department in Debegesa is to bring about the development of the tourist sector and thus gain a complementary source of income for the area, working within the bounds of sustainable development and on the basis of co-operation between the public and private sectors concerned.

The plan Dynamization of the Tourist sector in the Lower Deba promoted and managed from Debegesa, is progressing on several levels, of which two stand out:

  • Strengthening and development of the business sector.
  • Promotion of the area as a Tourist Destination.

Business initiative in tourism is fundamental and we are convinced that the area requires brave risk-taking on behalf of the private sector to obtain an advantageous position in the Basque tourist market.

If you have a business idea for a new venture, or the expansion or improvement of an existing business related to the tourist sector, do not hesitate to contact us. At the Tourism Department of Debegesa we are entirely at your disposal to help you to weigh up and analyse ideas, and we also offer you the chance to carry out a Feasibility Study of your project, advise you as to the most suitable subsidies that you may apply for and to manage any subsequent subsidy application for the development of your project at the appropriate public institutions.

More information on this matter is available, at Debegesa