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Basque Coast Geopark

Sakoneta beach, Deba. / M.Subirats (National Geographic)

The coastal towns of Mutriku, Deba and Zumaia make up the Basque Coast Geopark, recently a member of the European and Global Network of Geoparks.

We offer you the possibility to explore the planet’s past and delve into its mysteries, on theFlysch Routeor theKarst Route. It is also the ideal place to enjoy nature, local culture, traditions and gastronomy.

The Flysch Route includes boat trips, cliff walks, visits to interpretation centres, trekking, geotours...You Choose! On the Karst Route you will discover a mosaic of landscapes created through the erosion of limestone.

These towns have a wide range of accommodation and restaurants ready to cover the visitor’s needs.