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Every year, Deba is visited by thousands of people attracted by the beauty of its the landscape, the welcoming nature of its people and the varied cultural activities that are offered.

The town, situated at the mouth of the River Deba, has two beautiful beaches: one known as Deba Beach and the other is called Lapari. Both have dark sand because of their proximity to the surrounding slate hills.

The pleasures of the coast is combined with the chance to climb the gentle hills that surround Deba, from which incomparable panoramic views of the coast can be enjoyed. In addition, it is possible to take a pleasant stroll from the town centre itself to Santa Catalina or Aitzuri Point.

Rural tourism in Deba area is growing in importance day by day, with the unique Lastur Valley acting as a reference point.

In the heart of the historic town centre, the Church of Saint Mary of Deba can be found. This National Monument is a Basque Gothic jewel. As a whole, it is exquisite, but its cloister and the delicately composed multicoloured portico are outstanding; both elements date back to the original construction, started in the fifteenth century.

In addition, Deba is a special enclave of Basque Prehistory, home to the findings in Ermittia, Urtiaga, Gaztelu, and the indisputable jewel in the crown: the EKAIN Cave, with its fabulous cave paintings from the Magdelanian period (15000 - 12000 BC).