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Paintball is a team sport combining physical exercise, contact with nature and enjoyment... It also provides an outlet for stress that has built up during the week and allows participants to experience a rush of adrenalin.

Discover the sport of the new  millenium booming all over the world in the Valley of Lastur, Deba, half an hour from San Sebastian, 40 minutes from Bilbao and less than an hour from Vitoria and Pamplona.


So all that remains is for you to get a group together and have a go. Any excuse will do: it may be a birthday celebration, a stag or hen party, a company outing, or simply a group of friends out to enjoy themselves. Age and fitness do not matter. We do recommend however a minimum number of 8-10 participants. If there are fewer of you, contact us nevertheless.


For further information:

tel: + 34 943 82 01 10